Journey Toward Health

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About Us


Here at Tools for Self-Care, we love eating good food, moving in ways that make us feel good, and trusting our bodies to work as designed. If you’re reading this, chances are you feel the same way, or you’re at least interested in some of these ideas.

We understand everyone is on their own journey and we pride ourselves in meeting them where they are and supporting them as much or as little as they need. We don’t offer packages or programs – everything we do is tailored to the needs and desires of our clients. Our clients lead their own journey toward health.

What we bring to the journey is a wealth of knowledge and resources, rooted in the nutrition and movement sciences.

We work with each individual as a whole person, considering a dozen wellness dimensions, of which diet and activity are just two. Because drastic changes in one lifestyle aspect can be disruptive and sometimes detrimental, we help clients move toward health across multiple dimensions simultaneously.

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About Marin


Our founder, Marin Richeson, grew up eating the standard American diet, which lasted through college and beyond. She remembers having ice cream (only) for lunch every day her sophomore year of college, and regularly having soda and candy for breakfast after she graduated.

Then, in her mid-twenties, she was diagnosed with a neurological condition. Her physician recommended daily medication for the rest of her life. It was a pivotal moment for Marin because, after much deliberation, she declined the medication and chose to manage her condition with lifestyle changes.

That decision marked the beginning of her journey toward health.

She began exploring aspects of lifestyle medicine, like food, movement, sleep, stress reduction, sunlight, and herbs. Impassioned by the success of her own experience, she became certified in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga Tune Up®, Roll Model® Method, and Hatha Yoga so that she could empower others to help themselves.

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